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Expanding on last week’s post, we’re continuing to discuss mental health at Inkpots, and this week we’re focusing on body image. It’s an ever-present topic in the news and social media, and if your child is transitioning to high school, the new environment can make them more aware of their bodies. We’ve put together some more resources to help your child nurture a positive body image and get active!

BBC Advice is perfect if you’re grappling with what the term body image actually means. They also provide tips for young people to feel better about themselves and suggest root causes for negative body image.

It’s likely you’ve heard of This Girl Can which is continuing to gain media attention. This Girl Can aims to reduce the fear and judgment that women and girls feel when doing sport, particularly important since two thirds of girls surveyed by the Youth Sport Trust disliked competitive PE lessons. The site has some great information about how to get started with sport and their Instagram is full of inspiration!

A big part of body image is your skin: problems like acne can make someone feel self-conscious and lower self-esteem. Skin Genius have got you covered – they provide information on all things skin care including acne and how to keep your skin healthy. They also have some brilliant products to leave everyone with clear skin.

It’s important that any body image concerns are dealt with early, but if things escalate into something more serious, BEAT can help. They’re a national eating disorder charity with a helpline and support groups to help people suffering. They even have a specialist youth line to help young people.

These resources could be useful if you’re worried about a young person, or simply want to give them some tips on how to build a healthy body image. A recent survey suggested that 56% of boys who responded struggled to voice their concerns with teachers and 29% struggled to talk to their parents, so it’s good to find other ways to start a conversation!

If you’d like to find out more about mental health support, take a look at our mental health help blog for more information.



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