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I’m Gill.

I’m a mentor, trainer and editor and, since 2013, the founder of Inkpots.

I work with young people. And those who support them.

I know that, amidst all the pressures and noise surrounding young people, what really matters is their happiness.

Research is beginning to emerge about the adverse effect the pandemic lockdowns had on our young people. More than ever, they need our support.

Unhappy teenagers rarely work to their best abilities. Feeling miserable doesn’t lead to confident decisions. Anxiety never makes you feel great.

My mentoring approach is calm and gentle. The first step is to help a young person feel safe. Then – and only then – can we move on to building trust. And that’s when we start to see results.

I have worked with hundreds of young people and have many years’ experience.

But what really matters is the individual.

I always start with an initial chat. I would love to make that connection. You can contact me here.


mobile 07771 231563

It’s helped me to grow so much in confidence. Especially in talking to people about my feelings.

13-year-old student

Our history

Inkpots started out in 2013 as after school clubs in primary schools. Right from the start, the sense of community combined with a love of books and reading, meant that Inkpots was always a happy and kind place. As a trained mentor, I had always used these skills to support our young members and these were particularly in demand as I started working in secondary schools too.

During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, it became clear that more young people that ever could benefit from a safe space to talk – and be creative – to help them deal with the many challenges they face.

2023 has seen the full move to mentoring sessions but creativity – and books and reading – will always form part of what we do as well as the creation of place of safety where a young person can relax and be themselves