Sounding board sessions

Sometimes, we all need to know there’s someone in our corner – who ‘gets’ us. Someone who can provide a bit of support and a sounding board.

That’s where Inkpots Sounding Board sessions come in.

These are 40-minute blocks which can be booked as and when a young person needs them.

For example, some teenagers like to have a check-in every half term or term. For others, every other week works well. The subjects we cover as diverse as the indviduals too; sometimes it literally is just a check in and update. At other times, friendships might be giving some troubles or decisions like college or universities are on the horizon.

These online sessions offer the consistent support which comes with mentoring but on a flexible basis. Sounding Board sessions are ideal as a follow-up for students who have been through the main mentoring programme too.

Each session costs £65 each and can be booked by emailing I am also very happy to have a free no obligation chat if I have never supported your child before.