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Please note: we are currently undergoing a rebranding exercise which will involve a lovely new website. Please bear with us while this is carried out.

I’m Gill – a mentor, trainer and editor and founder of Inkpots.

Inkpots Mentoring sessions offer young people a safe space – both online and face-to-face – to be themselves. It’s a chance to gather thoughts, gain confidence and dream big. I also work with those who support young people in schools and colleges, and the wider community.


Our mentoring manifesto:

We believe that:

  • Every young person deserves the opportunity to flourish and thrive.
  • Young people need space to explore their feelings and creativity in a safe, non-judgemental environment.
  • The voices and wishes of young people should always be heard loud and clear.
  • If a young person doesn’t feel safe in a mentoring environment, it’s impossible for them to relax and share their thoughts.
  • Trust between a mentor and mentee is crucial – without this, a good mentoring relationship will not develop.
  • Creativity is fundamental to wellbeing and needs to be encouraged and harnessed.

There are a number of ways I can help young people feel more confident and more at ease with themselves: