Information for teachers, pastoral leaders and SENCOs

The Inkwell Mentoring Programme

The Inkwell Mentoring Programme offers more than a sticking plaster approach to supporting students who are struggling in school. You’ll know the kind of student who thrives within this programme. They’re the quieter ones. The ones who might raise a few concerns from time-to-time. But generally, are assumed to be ok. Until one day they’re not – and they crumble under the pressures of being at school, dealing with friendships and maybe exam stress.

The kind of mentoring I offer ensures that students are supported in a spacious, consistent way to help build their confidence and bolster support systems so that they are better equipped to take a full part in school life.

Your programme really is an absolute safe haven for those students. I don’t think I can thank you enough for the time and effort you put into them.

Pastoral leader

Inkwell Mentoring sessions are 1:1, supportive and calm. I work through a five step programme taking students from being stressed and worried to resilient and expansive.

It’s my time. It helps take my mind off things

Year 9 student

If you would like to talk about how Inkwell Mentoring would work in your school, and get further details, please drop me a line at