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Mental health help

The start of a new school year can be extremely exciting – it’s a chance to start a fresh and fulfil potential. Unfortunately, pressures at school can be the catalyst for a number of mental health problems. It’s important that children and young people get the support they deserve, so if you’re worried about someone you love, here are some resources to help you become better informed.

Young Minds – Young Minds has many influential ambassadors including actress Claire Skinner and youtuber Daniel Howell. As well as providing support for young people, they also have a section for parents with advice on how to best cope with young people’s mental health.

PAPYRUS – shockingly, 200 young people die by suicide every year. PAPYRUS are working to change this and encourage young people to talk about suicidal thoughts and feelings. They are contactable through their HOPELINE through phone, text or email and also offer advice on self -care – ways of looking after yourself – and how to help someone else.

The Mix – The Mix provides information on a multitude of mental health issues and focus on community support: young people can talk within a group chat or on a discussion board. There’s also a brilliant list of apps to cope with stress or that can direct you to local support.

Kidscape – Kidscape work with young people who have been affected by bullying and the mental health issues that can come with it. They also provide lots of resources that guide parents in supporting their children.

Kooth – Kooth is a location-based counselling service for young people with tools to help young people track their mood and express their thoughts, tricks and tips through articles. In some situations, they can offer continuous weekly support if appropriate.

All of the counselling support that these websites offer are free and confidential, unless the young person is in an emergency situation. We hope that these services will be able to provide advice in how to support someone, or more general information on mental health issues.

If you are a young person and experiencing mental health problems, please remember that you are always worthy of support and there is always someone to reach out to.

Our 1:1 creative mentoring support to develop creative toolkits also help navigate the teeange years by harnessing a young person’s creativity. More information is here: https://inkpots.org/flourish/

Please also email Gill at gill@inkpots.org with any queries or questions about support.


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