‘Lightning Falls’ by Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson’s books are much loved by many of the children who come to our groups and workshops. A new book is always hugely anticipated – and no wonder. Amy’s books always seamlessly switch between our world and that of magic, effortlessly weaving characters and situations together with care and compassion.

‘Lightning Falls’ is Amy Wilson at her best. Valerie is a Hallowed Ghost living with a family of other ghosts who haunt Lightning Falls, a house where people can stay and be spooked. Perfectly happy helping with the hauntings and being cared for by her ghost family, Valerie also feel different. Being a Hallowed Ghost separates her slightly from the others and a mystery surrounds the story of how she came to Lightning Falls in the first place.

When Valerie starts seeing a strange boy on the bridge over the river, she knows that things may be about to change – but can’t every guess by how much. Valerie is drawn into a dangerous adventure which will tell her much about her own story but there is so much danger to confront first.

‘Lightning Falls’ gently explores those ties which bind us tightly to others – with a sprinkling of stardust and magic always present in Amy’s books.

Thank you to Macmillan Children’s Books for sending a proof copy of this book too.


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