How to be a Hero by Cat Weldon and illustrated by Katie Kear

Viking boy Whetstone just wants to be a hero. But he thinks his only chance of becoming one lies in him stealing a cup belonging to Awfulrick, leader of the Vikings of Krud. Then he would be a celebrity!

But things don’t go his way at all. And to confuse matters further he forms an unlikely alliance with a trainee Valkyrie (third class) Lotta who has enough problems of her own too.

In Valhalla, they fall foil of the trickster God, Loki and are thrown together to rescue the cup and save the nine Viking worlds from chaos.

Cat Weldon‘s book is fast-paced without being breathless, and is fun and funny too. It’s packed with detail about Norse Gods, and lots of splendid in-jokes which will please children (and adults) enormously.

But at the heart, this story is about bravery and how heroes are not always invincible but are good friends.

We also loved Katie Kear‘s illustrations and look forward to reading more about Whetstone’s adventures in the future.


How to Be a Hero: Cat Weldon: 9781529045031: hive.co.uk

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