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Embracing winter creativity

As the nights draw in here in the northern hemisphere, it’s a great time to review the creative activities which bring us most pleasure. It’s particularly important this year with the continuing restrictions to our lives because of corona virus. During our full national lockdown in the UK earlier in the year, creativity was so important for many of us and helped see us through those weeks. So it’s important to harness it again during a time when it can be harder to keep spirits up as we move into darker winter days.

At Inkpots, we’ve been looking at how we can put winter creative toolkits together to help identify how we can harness our interests to help us through the coming months. Here are some of the things we looked at.

  1. Favourite creative activities. Curling up with a good book, creating a writing den or settling down by a crackling log fire – these are all fabulous winter activities which we can totally embrace. Make a list of those things which you particularly enjoy to remind yourself of what you can still do.
  2. Wrap up and go outdoors. On a crisp, winter day pull on your winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf and get outdoors as much as possible. The sun isn’t as strong but it’s still really good for us to be in sunlight and fresh air. Use all the senses to make your outdoor venture as interesting as possible. These memories can be stored up for creative ideas and activities too.
  3. Embrace the season. We know it’s not always possible to stay positive when it’s cold, grey and miserable weather. But remaining grateful for the things we enjoy about winter-time helps raise the spirits. At Inkpots we like hot chocolate, big cosy jumpers, woolly socks, warming soups, fairy lights, cinnamon sticks and winter scented candles.
  4. Try doing a creative project with a friend. It’s always brilliant to share ideas with someone else – some of our members even try writing stories together. Having a creative partner is a good way to develop a more complex idea – a sounding board to bounce ideas off. If you aren’t able to meet up with friends, catch up online to share your progress.
  5. Try to develop a regular of habit of writing down the good things which are happening. One of the things to emerge from lockdown and the whole Covid experience is an appreciation of the smaller things in life. Showing gratitude also releases dopamine in our brains – and this helps make us feel ‘good’ too.
  6. Try something different. Have a good at a new art form or creative pursuit. A creative challenge over winter is a positive way of using any additional time we may at home.

To help you put together your own winter toolkit, you can download a free PDF to help you put together your ideas. Click HERE.

We would really love to know how you get on – do keep in touch!


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