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A girl called Owl by Amy Wilson

When I was a child, I would read a book almost at one sitting if it caught my imagination. I would be completely caught up in the story, really identifying with the characters.

It was long, long time ago but reading A Girl called Owl took me right back. I was hooked by the story of Owl, and was entranced by the world that Amy Wilson has created.

Owl lives with her mum – the mum who gave her the very original name – but she increasingly wants to know about the dad she has never met. Mum has her stories, but Owl wants to know more. Life is also beginning to to take a different turn with friendships turning a bit difficult and a new boy at school. Then there are the strange frost-like patterns on Owl’s hands.

I loved the world that Amy took the reader into and got completely caught up in Owl’s adventures, and how her friendships developed. I really, really wanted to carry on reading when I got to the end, and would love to know more abut Owl.

A really brilliant book




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