The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens

Sometimes a book comes along and stops you in your tracks. Days after you have finished the book, you keep going back to it, thinking about the characters and story line.

Such a book is The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens.

Robin is well known for her Murder Most Unladylike series, but for this book she is continuing the story of Ted Sparks, who first appeared in The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. Very sadly, Siobhan died of cancer before she could write any more books about Ted, his amazing mystery solving and his family.

The Guggenheim Mystery takes 12-year-old Ted to New York with his Mum and sister Kat to visit his Aunt Gloria and favourite cousin Salim. But they are not there long before the children are caught up in the mystery of a stolen painting – and Aunt Gloria is facing jail!

The book is narrated by Ted and we not only see New York though his eyes, but get to experience his whole world. Ted thinks in a completely unique way and the noise, smells and colours of such a vibrant city affect him on many levels.
Ted has a way of logically thinking through problems and is a wonderful observer and it’s not long before he, Kat and Salim are on the trail of the real thief.

Robin has written a fabulous mystery story, which really has the reader guessing. But it’s also very clever at explaining how people think differently and how we all experience things in various ways.

I think that everyone should read this book! It’s really made stop and just consider what the world can be like for other people.

Thanks so much to Penguin Children’s Books for sending Inkpots a copy of this wonderful book.



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