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Back to school: routine, routine, routine!

We’re back with more tips on how to make the back to school transition a little easier – this time we’re focusing on how to get back into a routine! After weeks of late nights and a little more freedom, getting everyone back into the term time mentality can be difficult but we’re here to give you some tips. 

Prepare – get ahead and prepare as much as you can the night before: make lunch boxes, pack bags and lay out uniform to make mornings as stress free as possible. This will save any last minute panic just before you leave the house and means everyone can get more sleep (which no doubt will be much needed at the beginning).

Relax – speaking of sleep, make sure everyone has a restful night by putting a nighttime routine in place! Things may have got slack during the holidays, so now is the chance to ensure everyone winds down and is refreshed for the morning. You could even take a look at our summer reading lists and include a good book – reading is a great way to chill out!

Supply – check if uniform fits well ahead of time and your child has the right school supplies. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a whole new pencil case full of stationary, but making sure pens work and school shoes are broken in are simple checks to save last minute panics once more. If your child is comfortable and prepared, they’ll be more likely to settle back into  school quickly.

Organise – homework will be much less of a chore if there is somewhere clean and distraction free to do it, so consider organising a designated homework space for your child! The quicker is gets done, the more time everyone will have to relax in the evening.

Talk – talk to your child about any anxieties they have about starting a new year, especially if they are starting high school. Reassuring them will put both of your minds at rest and you’ll know of anything you can do to make them feel more confident.

Want more tips on how to make the back to school transition easier? Check out our advice on how to choose after school care for your child, and look out for next week’s where we deal with the complexities of school friendships!



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