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The Accelerate package

Year 6 is a big year in so many ways. SATs, often a residential trip away from home – and the move to secondary school.

So much can change in a short space of time and suddenly, questions may start bubbling up and concerns come to the surface. All of which is totally understandable as the move is a big one.

But we can help. And we also believe it’s never too early to start.

Our experience of working in both primary and secondary schools has shown that the support given by schools on either side of the change is usually excellent. But sometimes, as it gets nearer to the start date, questions may start to come up. After all, Year 6s go from being the oldest in a sometimes quite small school where they really know the ropes, to being the youngest in a much bigger and noisier environment.

So ‘Accelerate’ has been put together specifically to support young people.

Our practical session allows time and space to explore any issues and come up with a personal plan to give the young person the best possible start.

I would recommend it for all children before the jump to secondary school

Parent of 11-year-old

The package consists of the following elements:

*A 1:1 session with Gill lasting one and a half hours. This is will provide a safe space for a young person to explore some of the feelings around the change, look at any practical issues and co-create a creative approach to navigate the transition.

*Support and resources for parents in the run-up to the start at secondary school so that all family members are ready for the change.

This package is available for a £67.50

This approach means that every session is unique to the young person – we don’t believe in ‘one-size, fits all’. The ultimate aim with Accelerate is to provide a young person with the creative tools to navigate the transition so they feel confident and positive.

Our experience also shows that if this transition is done well, it makes a marked difference for all the family.

Gill has an incredible knack of unlocking children’s worries and thoughts allowing them to think things through and together come up with workable solutions.

Mum of Year 6 pupil

If you would like to discuss this package further,we have answered some frequently asked questions on this page but if you would like to talk to Gill please do book a FREE call: Schedule Appointment

If you are ready to go ahead and buy the package,  you can do so via this link:

The Accelerate Package

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