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June story starters

This month we are sharing some ideas for stories to help young writers start their stories; we know that some like to look at a picture for inspiration and others prefer the actual start of stories to get them thinking – so here are both. (Hope you like the spooky castle!)


Here are some starters to stories too:

“Silence. No sounds. Just silence.
Elizabeth hardly dared to breathe. The box sat on the table in front of her, and was now glowing gently, giving out a soft yellow light. Then it started to quiver a little bit.
Elizabeth clenched her fists and prepared herself for the noise again. But no. This time the lid of the box started to open, very, very slowly.”

“The chocolate birthday cake had been finished and was standing on the kitchen work top, just waiting to be collected. Mum had spent hours working on the three layers of chocolate sponge, then she had iced it with delicious chocolate cream. Then more chocolate as she had used chocolate sprinkles, chocolate curls and real chocolates on the very top. Charlie thought that he would just take one of the curls – Mum would never notice…”

“Jess didn’t want to go away for the holidays. Why did her family have to pack up and leave every single time there was a school holiday? Mum said it was boring to stay in one place all the time. Dad said that travel broadened her mind. Jess just wanted to stay at home…”

“Mitzy the Unicorn realised that something was wrong when she caught a quick glimpse of herself in the lake as she skipped past it on her way to Unicorn Charm School.
She stopped. And looked. Then looked again…
She could see white shining back at her. WHITE! She gave out a little scream. Where was all her lovely purple and glittery green? She had turned WHITE!
She was as white as an ordinary unicorn.”

You can also download these ideas as a PDF HERE

I hope that you have fun with these ideas – do let me know!


If you are interested in more ideas like this, please do have a look at details of our online club, Inkpots Inc




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