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Inkpots Writing Tips

inkpots writing tipsAt Inkpots, it’s always lovely to hear about children and young people who really enjoy writing. It’s fantastic to hear and see their ideas burst into life. But all writers – no matter at what level – need a bit of support and encouragement at times. Heads go down, the story lines dry up and the writing starts to fall by the wayside. Or sometimes, it’s simply a case of not knowing where to go to share the stories.

But Inkpots is here to help! The Inkpots Writing Tips give some practical advice and ideas to get going with writing stories and then keep going. The information sheet has been put together using our own experiences and taking advice from established children’s authors too.

Children do not have to attend our workshops to join in with our activities – it would be fabulous to share as many stories that children write on our website no matter where they live! So, please do send in your children’s stories (if they and you are comfortable with this). We’ll publish them in our Gallery and share on social media. Just email: gill@inkpots.org

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