Welcome to Inkpots

Thanks for coming over from Instagram

I’m Gill – a mentor, trainer and editor. I’m also the founder of Inkpots so a very big welcome! We are in the middle of changing the branding (and finishing the name change to Inkpots Mentoring) and the website is the final piece of that. Please bear with us until our lovely new site is ready.

Here are some ways you can find more out about what I do to support young people:

I am really excited to be developing free resources which can be used by young people whether they are part of Inkpots or not. The first of these is a reflection resource and can be accessed here: Reflection resource | inkpots.org

I send out a regular email called Inkwell Notes which is a summary of various resources and ideas I come across which I hope you find interesting as a parent or professional working with young people (or both!). You can sign up here via this link: http://eepurl.com/dtGZ65

There are two ways in which I offer direct support to young people. One is through our Inkpots Mentoring Programme and the other is via Inkpots mini-mentoring sessions.

The FAQs page may also help: FAQs | inkpots.org

One of the best ways to find out more too is to book a free 20 minute ‘Gill chat’– no obligation and it will be lovely to meet you and your young person.

If you have something else on your mind, and you’d like to chat, I would love to hear from you. My email is gill@inkpots.org

Thank you!