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Your child's good start at a new club

Your child’s good start at a new club

As we approach a new school term, there are also new after school clubs to consider. We already know that we will have lots of new children starting Inkpots, and I work really hard to ensure that they, and their parents, have as much information as possible beforehand.

But, if you want to ease your child’s way, here are some ideas to smooth the process:

  • Contact the after school club organiser in plenty of time and ask as many questions as possible. I have no problem at all with parents who want to know all about Inkpots – it means we can get all the wrinkles ironed out before the start. If the leader isn’t keen on answering your queries, maybe it’s a sign that the club isn’t for your family.
  • Do share what your child is interested in; if I know which things a child likes, I can weave them into my planning, and that helps smooth out any bumps.
  • Find out whereabouts the after school club is held in the school so that your child knows where to go – and make sure they know where they will be collected. These steps will make the first session go so much more smoothly.
  • A really important point for me is to know who is collecting the child. There is nothing more upsetting for a young person than not knowing what’s happening – especially when they may be tired after a club.
  • Try to find a photo of the club leader if your child hasn’t met them before – so much easier to know who you are looking for!
  • Make sure that all your child’s questions have been answered – for example, I am always happy to do a quick Skype or Facetime session to have a chat if it helps beforehand.
  • It may also be helpful for your child to go with a friend too – and it’s always great to share the experience.
  • Find out if your child really wants to be included in photographs. So many of us post pictures on social media as a matter of course. I always try to check with individual children how they are feeling about photos that day, but sometimes events take over. But it’s perfectly ok to say no!
  • Do follow up how things went with the club leader – again, it always helps for future planning for me if I get feedback from parents. And it works the other way too, as you may pick up some ideas for the future too.

If you have any other ideas, I would love it if you shared them here.

Best of luck as your child start their new club – and if you are thinking of sending them to Inkpots, I can’t wait to hear from you!




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