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‘Who let the Gods out?’ by Maz Evans – review by Ruby

This astrological adventure book is about a poor, young boy (Elliot) and his mum, who suffers from dementia, living on Home Farm. Since he must attend school daily and his mum cannot work, there is little income to pay off the bills. Soon, Elliot receives a ‘scary letter’ threatening to sell Home Farm unless they re-pay £20,000 in a week, borrowed to pay for his grandfather’s recent funeral – he’d need a miracle for that to happen. The brave, sleepless boy has another problem though: his neighbour, Patricia Horse’s Bum (their rude-yet-fitting nickname)/Patricia Porshley-Plum wishes to own Home Farm so she can re-use the land as a holiday park – she has got to be stopped.

One day, he encounters a beautiful girl who claims to be an immortal constellation called ‘Virgo’ – ring any bells? She has travelled down to earth to deliver ‘ambrosia’ (an elixir that attains immortality) to ‘Prisoner forty-two’. However, when it goes wrong, the consequences are dire! Elliot and Virgo must seek help to ensure that the escapee does not reach his powerful chaos stones, that control the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Throughout their journey(s), they meet Greek Gods, cruel Daemons and the current Queen of England – with a twist.

Can they re-imprison this death Daemon before he rises to power again and before Patricia Porshley-Plum owns Home Farm once and for all?!

This fantastic book has some very hilarious jokes and characters that will make you ‘laugh out loud’: Hermes – he just says ‘Babe’ to everyone and wears designer sunglasses whatever the weather, and Zeus – he has got married to 300 women! Each god has powers ranging from wisdom, love and marriage, fashion, building and many more. These often enable mortals (us) in specific areas and Elliot desperately needs them.

Prior to reading this book, it is probably best to do some research on star signs and Greek gods; this will improve your enjoyment and understanding of the story. I would recommend this book to experienced readers age 9 and above as it is quite long and has unusual and complicated vocabulary – a dictionary could be useful.

One more thing that you may want to know is that Maz Evans has written the second book in the series. It’s called Simply the Quest and is out in August 2017.

Ruby (age 11)

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