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What young people and adults say

Gill answered our plea for help as to how to maintain my daughter’s creativity when her school work seemed so goal and exam driven.

Gill rose to the challenge with humour, zeal and enthusiasm. She organised a series of meetings with my daughter,involving fun activities to identify the core of the problem and suggested ideas and strategies to ensure that my daughter’s creative nature is not stifled or lost but channelled.

My daughter is now a happier, more settled teenager with a creative toolkit to use on a daily basis to re-centre herself after a busy day at school. She says the course actively reminded her to do more of the things that make her happy and fulfilled. We call it her toolkit for self-regulation and happiness. Thank you Gill

Mum of 12-year-old who took part in a 1:1 session

My daughter had a 1-1 session with Gill in preparation for secondary school. Gill has an incredible knack of unlocking children’s worries and thoughts allowing them to think things through and together come up with workable solutions. She models these incredibly important future life skills. My daughter now has a clear to do list for the next few weeks and already has a list of strategies for relaxing and exercising her creative brain after a day at school. It’s made me think of needing one for me after my working day!

My daughter said everything felt so tangled and jumbled up before her session and now it is clear, organised and she feels so much calmer and ready for the challenge. I would recommend it for all children before the jump to secondary school.

Mum of 11-year-old who took part in a 1:1 session

Thank you for inspiring me to be an illustrator

Inkpot, age 9

Thank you for Inkpots. Thank you for the endless hours of fun too

Inkpot, age 11

We appreciate the lovely creative atmosphere you have created so much.

Mum of 10-year-old

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful

Inkpot, age 12

I know that my daughter has enjoyed connecting with you and it has helped her a huge amount.

Mum of 15-year-old