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Update on the new Inkpots online club – Inkpots Inc

This week has seen the culmination of lots of activity behind the scenes for the new Inkpots online club Inkpots Inc.

The Inkpots Graphic Designer, Jane, has been working incredibly hard with some websites wizards to get the member login pages set up. It’s really important to me that we make the process of using the membership area simple and straight forward; it’s my guess that those using it will all be busy people, whether they are parents, teachers or librarians for example. But this has meant that I had some ideas which took some sorting out! This morning I had a first run through of things with Jane – and it’s all looking brilliant.

The first lot of membership materials have gone off to print too. As a publications editor, this has been the side of things which has been particularly enjoyable for me. It’s been great fun to develop a sub-brand of Inkpots. Our children identify with our logo and colours strongly so it is imperative that the same approach was used for Inkpots Inc.

However, a really rewarding aspect is how the current Inkpots children are getting involved. They really are looking forward to connecting with children all over the UK, and in other countries. It’s totally heart warming when they come up with more and more ideas for the club.

I will be updating everyone over the coming days but for a moment here’s a sneaky peek at some of the lovely designs for Inkpots Inc materials.

For a full description of the Inkpots Inc package, please click here.


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