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The International Yeti Collective by Paul Mason, illustrated by Katy Riddell

Ella is spending her holidays in the Himalayas with her uncle, an explorer who’s also making a TV programme. Together with the crew, they’re in search of yeti.

In the meantime, the yetis in the area have spotted the humans. One of the young ones is Tick – who knows to his cost that yeti law forbids him from approaching these people who fascinate him – especially Ella.

But so much is at stake, and as the yetis fight to keep their existence – and those of yetis all over the world –  secret,  Anna begins to question what is behind her uncle’s desire to find the yetis.

The International Yeti Collective is a delightful story drawing on yeti myths while also gently weaving environmental conservation issues throughout the book. But Paul Mason also includes lots of humour and I found the yeti names particularly delightful. It’s a great example of the pleasure of playing with words and phrases.

The collectives of yeti which emerge as the book unfolds is also an unexpected story development.

Katy Riddell’s beautiful illustrations  bring the characters to life and guide the reader through the story.

Thank you to Stripes Books for the gifted copy. I loved this book!




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