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The Inkpots Interview: Maz Evans

Maz Evans is one of Inkpots’ favourite authors and we just loved her book ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’. And we have just got a copy of the next book ‘Simply the Quest’. Maz is also one of our Inkpots Heroes . So we are just thrilled that she spared some of her precious time to talk to us: 

Did you start writing when you were a child?

Yes I did. My first book was called “The Ladyberds in My Bathroom” which I wrote when I was 5. Strangely, it didn’t get published, but I did write a lot when I was a kiddie.

Did you go to something like Inkpots?

Sadly, I didn’t. Back in 1573 when I was growing up, there weren’t exciting things like creative writing clubs – although I think we did a lot more story writing at school than children do today, so I had plenty of opportunities.

Where did you get the idea for WLTGO?

It came randomly one day when I was watching the telly. I suddenly thought: “If the Gods are immortal – they are still alive. I wonder what they are doing now…?” And the seed was sown. Although it was a long, looooooong time until it grew into a story tree…

Do you keep a notebook?

I have so many notebooks! One of my many irritating habits is that I am constantly buying notebooks – then I write three things in each and I can’t remember what is where! When I’m working really hard, I have a big notebook that I jot my thoughts down in – I try to keep one in my handbag, but I’m always losing or forgetting it, so often make notes on my phone.

Do you have a special place to write?

I try not to create too many superstitions around writing – I think it’s very important for a writer to be able to write anywhere, anytime. That said, there are certain places I love to write and others I’m convinced I write better! When I’m planning, I love to be out and about in cafes and libraries. When I’m writing, I like to be at home on my big computer. But I write on trains, planes – anywhere I can carve out some time.

Do you write every day?

I’d love to, but in reality, it’s just not practical. I have four children, so in the school holidays, it’s tricky to write every day. Also, when I’m travelling and doing lots of events, I find it hard to write as I get very tired. But I’m very disciplined – when I have the time, I write a lot.

Which is your favourite book – that you didn’t write?

The Twits by Roald Dahl – I just love everything about it. It’s funny, it’s moral, it’s got disgusting characters – it’s just wonderful.

Will there be more adventures for Elliot and Virgo?

Oh yes there will! There are going to be four books in the Who Let the Gods Out series!

What’s your favourite cake?

I’m more of a biscuit lover – I’ll never say no to a cookie!

Thanks so much to Maz and we just can’t wait to finish ‘Simply the Quest’. We’ll post a review soon, and you can read a review of ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ by one of our Inkpots, Ruby HERE




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