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Laura Ellen Anderson

The Inkpots Interview: Laura Ellen Anderson

We’re delighted that Laura Ellen Anderson, author of Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball, and contributor to The Phoenix Comic, answered some of our questions. Thanks so much Laura!

Did you do lots of drawing at primary school?

Oh, I LOVED to draw at Primary School. Whenever I had the chance to draw or illustrate a story, I would. I used to write and draw a comic strip about my friends. Then each week, I’d bring the comic in for my friends to read.

What gave you the idea for ‘Amelia Fang’?

I always wanted to write funny fiction with a gothic twist. I’m very inspired by books such as The Twits, The Witches and The Worst Witch; and animated movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas, Paranorman, Caspar and an animated television series called Gravity Falls. Amelia Fang started off as a character sketch and the rest fell into place around her.

Did you go to anything like Inkpots when you were a child?

I remember doing a lot of creative writing in school as a child, and I have very creative parents, so I’d often sit in on the art classes my Mum taught on some evenings. I don’t think I knew of anything quite like Inkpots – But I’m sure I would DEFINITELY have been a part of it if Inkpots were around when I was a youngster!

When you are doing a book, do the pictures or the words come first?

More often than not, it all starts from a picture, but sometimes a story idea can emerge from just a word!

Who inspires you?

Lots of people inspire me. Creators such as Jill Murphy, Tim Burton and Quentin Blake to name a few. But a LOT of my inspiration comes from my family and friends. I am very lucky to have such a supportive network around me and lots of great characters!

Do you ever find it hard to keep to all your deadlines?

Sometimes it can get a little hard to keep up when deadlines start to overlap, but I love what I do, so I just keep going! Then when you reach that deadline, it’s the best feeling ever!


We can’t wait to see Laura when she comes to visit us soon, so we’re sure to have more questions then. But thank you so much!





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