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The Inkpots Imagineers Collective

An innovative programme for young writers

One of the biggest challenges we face during the lockdown is ensuring the young people in our families are fully supported so that they emerge from the period as whole as possible. All the emotions which come with being a young teenager haven’t gone away, and may even be heightened just now. There’s also the concern about missing out on seeing friends and being in the usual networks.

But one of the things which has emerged is the importance of creativity – and creative writing in particular.

Therefore, Inkpots has a new, innovative programme for young writers.

The Inkpots Imagineers Collective is a  five-week vibrant, engaging programme which will guide a small group of students (six max) through the fundamentals of story-telling, encouraging and developing their writing skills through editorial feedback and discussion, setting imaginations on fire and harnessing creativity to support wellbeing.

Involvement with the Collective is also an important part of a students’ development in working on projects other than those organised through school. It will foster a sense of community and mutual support which is valuable for future creative projects and collaborations.  Through the work of the Collective, students will be supported to set achievable goals and have accountability.

The schedule is as follows:

WEEK 1: Getting started. Introduction to the Collective. Establishing yourself as a writer and how you work. Being authentic in your writing.

WEEK 2: Characters. Personality, appearance, lifestyle, back story. Exploring individual creative cycles.

WEEK 3: Context. When, where, what

WEEK 4: What is the problem? The story arc and resolution.

(Between weeks 4 and 5, we will also have individual sessions to ensure students are supported after the course has finished.)

WEEK 5: Crafting Word banks, speech help, structure, self-editing. And celebrate!

Weekly modules are delivered to students via email followed by a Zoom group call later in the week. Editorial feedback and guidance will be given throughout the weeks. Before the end of the course, students will have the chance to have a 1:1 session with Gill to ensure that ongoing support and resources are in place for when the course finishes. There will also be an additional four weeks’ editorial support after the programme itself finishes.

Why Gill – and Inkpots?

“I am a publications editor of many years’ experience and I have worked on all kinds of projects. I am also a published writer, having studied at the University of Chichester on its creative writing programme and written for a number of magazines for and about young people.  I also work closely with Brighton-based charity Little Green Pig, WriteBack in Barking, and I am an advisor for the Paper Nations writing programme at Bath Spa University.I have training as a youth mentor, and am currently studying for a qualification in understanding young people’s mental health challenges.

But more than anything, I am passionate about helping young people express themselves creatively, and helping them understand how this can support them to feel self confident and be resilient.My experience of running Inkpots for the past seven years has helped me understand some of the challenges facing young people at this time. This course has been carefully planned so that they get as much support as is needed from me – and also from the group that is coming together for this course.”

Thank you for helping my daughter find her writing voice and gain so much more confidence in her work in general

The next programme will run from Monday 15 June 2020. The cost is £175 per student – there is an early bird offer of £150 if payment is made by 3 June 2020.

The expected outcomes of this programme for students

  • A completed story which will be published on the Inkpots website (with the students’ permission)
  • An understanding of the importance of teamwork
  • Learning about the skills involved in crafting a story and understanding the importance of feedback in the writing process.
  • Understanding the place of writing in the support of personal wellbeing.
  • Identifying strengths and areas for development with regards to writing and self-expression.
  • Understanding how to support their own creative projects in the future.
  • Developing support networks.
  • Expansion of their reading net and accessing new authors. An appreciation of the devices authors use and an understanding of how these could work in their own projects.

We will also involve authors and artists who have strong connections with Inkpots to offer advice, guidance and encouragement to our students.

The Inkpots Imagineers Collective is  innovative and exciting – students’ involvement in the planning ensures we cover the topics which matter to them, at a time when creativity is central to well being.

If you would like to book a place now, you can do so by using the PayPal link here or by contacting Gill.

Programme options

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at with any questions – I would be delighted to help.