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Ten creative activities: part two

We’re back with five more creative activities to keep you entertained this summer – whatever you’re inspired by!

If you want to be inspired by photography…

The Picture Poem: write 1-7 then 6-1 vertically down the margin of a piece of paper, then find a picture and write any words or phrases that come to mind (they don’t have to make sense!) The first time you write one word, then two, then three, as the corresponding numbers suggest. Use these initial ideas to turn the phrases into a poem or story, what you have already might already look like one! The trick here is to write down whatever comes to mind at first, then add or edit the second time around!

If you want to be inspired by friends…

The Collaborative Project: we love working together at Inkpots, so why not gather your friends together and get creative? The prompt this time is “Imagine a world without [blank]” You can choose whatever word you want here – anything from stories to chocolate to children! Once you have written your first sentence, pass the piece of paper to the person on your left and each take a minute to write a new one. You’ll be left with your own story, creative by everyone around you!

If you want to be inspired by words…

The Explorer: this one’s inspired by the brilliant Katherine Rundell and her book The Explorer, which follows four children who are left stranded in the Amazon rainforest after a plane crash. What would you do in a similar situation, and how would you survive? What possessions would you carry with you? Use this prompt to inspire a story, comic strip or picture.

If you want to be inspired by recipes…

Recipe for the perfect book: there’s only one suitable fuel for any writer or artist – cake! (trust us, we heard it from the professionals). So why not take some creative inspiration from some recipes? Have a flick through some books, search online, or even watch some cooking shows on TV. Then, try writing your own recipe for your dream book! You can include any ingredients you want: a sprinkle of magic? A dash of adventure? A bunch of amazing friends?

After you’ve done this, why not head over to our Summer Reading Goals page – you might find a book to read this summer holiday that fits your recipe perfectly!

If you want to be inspired by letters…

Dear future self: What would you say to your eighteen-year-old self? What do you think you’ll be up to? Write a letter to your future self – ask them some questions and tell them what your life is like at your age now. It might be fun to make a memory box to put with your letter with some things that will remind them what’s important in the world right now, or to you personally. Then put it somewhere safe, and your older self can rediscover it at a later date! It’s particularly interesting to see how much of your letter comes true…

If you’ve been inspired to try any of these prompts, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! For more inspiration for your summer of creativity, sign up to our summer holiday workshops, read our book reviews, or sign up to receive our summer activity pack!



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