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Ten creative activities: part one

If you need something to top up your creativity in the last few weeks of the summer, we’re here to help! Here’s part one of our creative activity ideas, so dive in and get inspired!

If you want to be inspired by books…

Two worlds collide: key components of a good story are dialogue, characters and conflict, and this exercise combines all three! What if two of your favourite book characters got to meet? Would they get along? What would they say to each other? Where would they be? What would happen to them? Use these questions for the basis of a creative piece and imagine a conversation between them. It would be especially interesting if these characters have particularly different or clashing personalities…

If you want to be inspired by newspapers or magazines…

Blackout!: the one involves working with someone else’s words to create your own work! Take an interesting newspaper article, then read over the words and circle any particularly interesting or descriptive ones that stand out. Then, “blackout” and colour over the remaining words with a thick black pen. You’ll be left with something that resembles your very own poem!

If you’d like a more detailed look at blackout poetry, or need any examples, click here

Headline news:  amongst all the serious stuff, newspapers often have smaller, more mundane articles hidden away. One we recently discovered read “gloves found.” This seems simple on the surface, but actually sparks a load of questions. Where were the gloves found? Why were they lost in the first place? Whose were they? What did they look like? You can use these questions to inspire a story – no matter how big or small the article!

If you don’t have any newspapers lying around, check out your local news websites!

If you want to be inspired by music…

Instrumental inspiration:  listen to instrumentals online and note down how you feel and whether you associate any colours, smells, tastes or touches with the music. Do any images come to mind when you listen? Use this to inspire a creative piece – it could be a story or poem, a storyboard for a film or comic, or you may even be inspired with song lyrics!

Check out this instrumental playlist here to get you started

If you want to be inspired by TV or film…

Five star rating:  we love reviewing books at Inkpots, so why don’t you have a go writing your own, this time with TV or film? There are loads of films showing on TV during the summer, or you could take a trip to the cinema or re-watch an old favourite!  Consider what you liked, disliked, who your favourite character was, or how it made you feel.

If you’re looking out for film inspiration, try this list.

Feel like having a go at any of these activities?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’d love to see what you get up to. Remember, these ideas are purely for fun, with no marking or assessing, so let you imagination run wild!

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