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Swan Boy by Nikki Sheehan

I was lucky enough to hear Nikki Sheehan talk about writing last year and so was looking forward to reading Swan Boy a lot! I wasn’t disappointed!

Swan Boy tells the story of Johnny and how he and his mum and brother have been affected by the sudden death of his father. They have had to move house and Johnny has to deal with changing schools too. The school bully targets him and his already fractured world crumbles even more.

Then swans come into his life – and transformations of all kinds begin.

I got completely caught up with this story. There are elements of Billy Elliott but Johnny is very much his own man – in lots of ways. I was really moved in places and had to put the book down for a bit in others – but Johnny’s plight is handled sensitively and sympathetically. It’s also enlightening to get a bit of an insight into the background of the bully in the story.

I finished the book with a profound feeling that it would all come good for Johnny in the end.




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