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Supporting your year 6 child

PLEASE NOTE: because of the uncertainty over the return of Year 6 children to school in June, these webinars have been postponed. However, the information will be shared in other ways nearer to the school holidays.

The transition from primary to secondary school is a crucial one at any time. But for the class of 2020 and their families, the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of corona virus has added to the usual thoughts and concerns.

We know (and research backs this up) that young people need structure, reassurance and a way of processing this change. We sense the importance of marking the end of their primary school education. We know too that there may be a change on its way for their friendships.

Over the summer, they will need bridges of support taking them from one way of being educated to another.

All this is being played out against confusion and lack of clarity as we come out of lockdown.

At Inkpots, we always run transition activities for Year 6s. But this year we’re also offering support for parents too.

For some years, Inkpots groups have operated in both primary and secondary schools. I’ve seen at close hand the difference a well thought through transition can make. In some cases, it’s a difference which can be felt right through a young person’s secondary school life. And beyond.

In the past weeks, we have listened to the concerns of Year 6 children, senior teachers, education consultants – and, of course, parents.

The result is a series of informal webinars which have been carefully planned to offer you the opportunity to think about what is best for your family and to be able to put a plan in place to support the transition you want for your child.

What we’ll cover

*Webinar 1 -Year six and a half – helping celebrate the time at primary school, moving on, friendships, phones and saying goodbye. Your emerging teenager this summer – the development of the teenage brain.

*Webinar 2 – Preparing for life at secondary school – new routine, homework, bullying, who to contact, changes in terminology and approach. Practical things that need to be sorted (uniform, equipment, getting to school and back).

*Webinar 3 – The new way of life for YOU – dealing with change, moving on with the new regime, letting go. The support you will need – and finding the right people at the new secondary school. Planning for the next few months.

You will leave the sessions feeling calmer about transition, knowing what you want for your child and with a clear plan of what you need to do

Praise for Gill:

“Gill has an incredible knack of unlocking children’s worries and thoughts, allowing them to think things through and, together, come up with workable solutions. She models incredibly important future life skills”

The format

Three informal one-hour webinars via Zoom, with a chance to ask questions and share issues with the group. A summary sheet from each session will be shared the day after.

Once you have signed up for the webinars, the Zoom links and further details will be sent prior to the webinars.

Why Gill?

“I started Inkpots in 2013 and for six years I ran after schools’ clubs and holiday and schools’ programmes in schools across Sussex, and throughout England. During those years, I worked with hundreds of children and young people, and ran thousands of workshops and sessions. Last year, I decided to concentrate Inkpots’ energies on supporting transition work and developing our services for young people age 10 – 16 years. I also became more and more aware of the need to support wellbeing for the students too and creative writing is an excellent vehicle for this.I am a trained volunteer youth mentor and a publications editor and writer of many years’ experience. I also work closely with WriteBack in Barking, and I am an advisor for the Paper Nations writing programme at Bath Spa University.

If your child is starting at secondary school in September, I would love you join to us for these webinars. It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK just now, the concerns you have will be just as valid. This move is a vital one for your child and I want to help you feel as prepared as possible.

If you have any queries at all, please email me on

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.