Information for parents

Having run Inkpots for over eight years, we value our relationships with parents highly. Put simply, we couldn’t run Inkpots in the way we do without the support of all the mums, dads and grandparents who ensure that everything is in place for young people to get to our sessions, and then beyond.

In return, we provide a safe, secure environment where young people flourish and their writing and creativity in general can go from strength to strength.

Often, we develop long-term working relationships with families. Currently, some of our older members have been coming to Inkpots in some guise for the past eight years so we have seen them grow and mature right through the young teen years.

Because writing is so much more than words on paper, we sometimes have discussions to help young people with self confidence issues, anxiety and other mental health issues. Inkpots is an inclusive set up (although we are always working to improve our provision) and, for example,  we have a number of young people who are neuro-diverse who are able to relax and find a creative home with us.

We also share a number of resources which we hope will help parents support their child’s creativity.

We have a free creative writing booklet which is packed with tips not only from ourselves, but has ideas from authors, artists and other creatives who have visited our online groups recently. You can get your download HERE.

Especially for this time of year, we are sharing a booklet which supports the transition from primary school to secondary. This is also free and you can access the download of that HERE. We can also help with personalised transition plans too. Please email for further details. 

There are a number of blog posts too which cover some of the issues our current families ask about.

Every young person’s happiness is of paramount importance to us. We firmly believe that creative writing provides so much for young people and we want to encourage everyone to tell their story in their own way.

Please contact with any questions.