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Summer reading suggestions

As the school summer holidays are in full swing, I thought that some of you might be looking for some new books and authors to try out. Summer is such a good time to do this kind of thing – especially if the weather isn’t being particularly kind.

There are so many wonderful children’s books out there at the moment, that it seems almost impossible to choose a few to suggest as good summer reads.

So, these are just a few that have been popular at Inkpots in the past few months:

One of our top authors is Maz Evans and some of us were lucky enough to meet her earlier in the year. Many of us loved the story of Elliot and the Greek gods in Who Let the Gods Out and they are all back for another rip-roaring adventure in Simply the Quest. (Maz is also one of our Inkpots Heroes and you can find out why here.)

Another great Inkpots friend is M G Leonard. Her books Beetle Boy and Beetle Queen are so popular among many of the Inkpots children. They tell the story of Darkus and his friends Bertholt and Virginia – and their beetle friends. Darkus’s dad gets kidnapped and the children must rescue him. The books are fantastic adventure stories that make you gasp out loud and you will never look at a beetle in the same way again. The third book is The Battle of the Beetles trilogy is due out soon.

A book which is also an adventure story, but really touching too is The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens. Robin is well known for her Murder Most Unladylike books, but in this new book she continues the story of Ted Spark, started by Siobhan Dowd in The London Eye Mystery. Ted sees the world differently but that means he can unravel complex mysteries and see things clearly when other people are missing the details. Great descriptions of New York too!

One title which has been recommended to us by one of our Inkpots parents is Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. This story is set in the Second World War and 12-year-old Olive Bradshaw and her little brother Cliff are evacuated to the Devon coast away from the London bombings. The only person with two spare beds is Mr Ephraim, the local lighthouse keeper. But he’s not used to company and he certainly doesn’t want any evacuees. To make herself more popular, Olive acts as a courier taking messages into the village for him. But there are lots of secrets around – including Olive’s own.

This is just the tip of a fabulous literary iceberg! Please share your summer reads too so that we give some other books and authors a big shout out too!

Happy summer reading!


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