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Suggested summer reading: part two

Last week, I did a blog round up of suggested summer reading for children age 8 – 11 years. We are so lucky just now to have a great choice of children’s books available to us that I felt a second post was warranted. Sometimes children need something a bit out of the ordinary to stimulate their creativity so I have cast the net a bit wider for this blog. Plus, there’s also something for younger brothers and sisters too.

Of course, books are not the only source of inspiration and we have been using comics a lot recently at Inkpots. In particular, we love The Phoenix comic. Children can be inspired by so many different styles and stories – all in easily digestible chunks. And if children love comics, they will also love Comics Club Blog. Every month, there some top tips from the best cartoonists so that children can develop their techniques.

One of the illustrators who works on The Phoenix is Laura Ellen Anderson (she created the Evil Emperor Penguin) has recently published her own book, Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball. This is perfect for 7-9 year olds and fans of ‘The Worst Witch’ and ‘Witch Wars’. Amelia Fang is a modern Wednesday Addams – but much more loveable!

Dan Worsley is a good friend to Inkpots, and a master storyteller. He has created a fabulous character in Eric Appleby and the latest book in the series is called Eric Appleby: Danger Zone. This is a great series for those children who really appreciate humour in their books as well as a rip-roaring adventure!

A hero of another kind is 14-year-old heir to the throne, Alfie, who didn’t expect to be king so soon. He definitely did not expect to be Defender of the Realm, fighting a secret, centuries-long, battle to protect the nation from monsters and super-villains. Defender of the Realm 2: Dark Age by Nick Ostler and Mark Huckerby continues the story of Alfie, as he faces another epic battle.


Finally, for the Inkpots of children of the future, and younger brothers and sisters, there is Edie by one of  our Inkpots Heroes, Sophy Henn. Edie is the most beautifully illustrated book, in Sophy’s trademark soft, pastel shades. Edie is very good at helping, whether it’s helping Mummy wake up bright and early, helping Daddy to get everything at the shops or helping her little brother with sharing and knowing what’s what. This may well ring some bells…


Happy summer reading – let us know if you have fund some fabulous summer books too.



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