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‘Simply the Quest’ by Maz Evans

Last year, we had the honour of getting to know about Maz Evans and her wonderful forthcoming series of books, Who Let the Gods Out?

When Who Let the Gods Out was first published, it was relished by a wide range of children who come to our clubs and became one of ‘our’ books. We all loved the way that the Greek Gods had been brought to life by Maz, and were enthralled by Elliot’s adventures. But the seriousness of Elliot’s home life was never brushed to one side, and when some of us met Maz in May this year, it was really clear how deeply she cares about young carers.

So, we just couldn’t wait for the second book in the series to be published. We got hold of Simply the Quest a few weeks ago, and we can confirm that it is BRILLIANT!

Very quickly, we realise that things are not getting any easier for Elliot. He has to contend with his home full of gods who have temporarily lost their powers, a mum who is not getting any better, Patricia Porshley-Plum on the prowl – and a mystery from his past which threatens to unravel him completely.

Simply the Quest is a gloriously funny as Who Let the Gods Out, but it is a fantastic adventure story too – there are some parts which will have you gasping out loud because of some of the dangers for Elliot and Virgo.

But it also makes you think about how hard it is for Elliot and Maz helps us to understand the challenges he faces as the sole carer for his mum. 

Thank you Maz Evans for this wonderful book which made us laugh out loud – and also shed a little tear.

And thank you also to Chicken House books for generously sending review copies to Inkpots.






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