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Shine sessions

Shine sessions last for one hour and are an opportunity to unleash some creativity! The aim is to have fun as well as develop self confidence and self expression so that a young person gets more out of creative projects.

The sessions are opportunities for young people to explore the creative activities they enjoy. There may be areas they wish to improve, or have new projects to be developed.

If it’s an Inkpots day, then it’s a good day

Shine sessions are also a great time to talk about new authors and discover different books to explore.

A summary of ideas and resources is provided as a follow-up to each session.

These sessions are available for a Autumn Special price of £35 each.

We have answered some frequently asked questions HERE but if you would like to talk to Gill please book a FREE call: Schedule Appointment

If you are ready to go ahead and book a session, you can do so via this link:

Shine session
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