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Ready, set, create!

At Inkpots, we love getting creative outside and making the most of some of the beautiful open spaces Sussex has to offer. Today we’re outlining our top reasons to immerse ourselves in nature this summer and get inspired!

1) We’re more creative when we’re active according to researchers at the University of Stanford, meaning it’s easier to get inspired and put ideas down on the page. After a tiring summer term, throwing ourselves into a story or artwork is the best way to wind down and let your imagination roam freely.

2) Going outside means using our senses, and exposing ourselves to lots of new sights, smells and sounds, perfect in preparations for our Using Your Senses summer workshop! Using these techniques makes our writing even more absorbing for readers.

3) It gets us away from screens, as studies show that on average today’s children spend up to six and a half hours a day in front of them! With weeks of free time beckoning this summer, it’s great to mix things up and explore some new places.

4) It makes us feel good, can increase self-esteem and help us sleep better. Better mental health is an invaluable benefit to getting some fresh air and helps us feel more confident in our ideas!

5) Most importantly, it’s fun! We’re extremely passionate about making creativity as accessible and exciting as possible. Since some people can formal, classroom settings a little scary, getting outside gives us more freedom to express ourselves!

If you’ve been inspired to get creative and explore new places this summer, why not book a place on our summer holiday workshops to explore Bedelands Farm or Brighton beach? If you’re venturing further afield, check out our Summer Activity Pack to have your most creative summer yet!



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