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One-to-one and small group bookings

Supporting your child to unlock their creativity

From 1 April, we’re delighted to be offering one-to-one and small group sessions where children and young people get the chance to unlock, and explore, their creativity with Gill. That might be writing stories, making cartoons, developing their art or starting to look at photography as an art form.

After over six years or running after school clubs and workshops, all of Gill’s talents and expertise are being channelled into working with individuals and small groups. One of her key skills is to unlock young people’s creativity, helping them to express themselves through words and pictures, and thriving in a safe environment.

Sessions will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday late afternoons and early evenings and some weekends.

Small group sessions are available if you live in Mid Sussex/Brighton as are one-to-ones. In addition, we can offer Skype/Zoom sessions for one-to-ones (or small groups if you think this will work) if you don’t live in our area.

One-to-ones: in these 45-minute sessions, we’ll work together to explore the child’s creativity. This will mean looking at what they enjoy, discuss the areas they would like to develop and have lots of fun. Gill will visit your home, bringing all the necessary materials with her. After the session, she’ll follow the visit up with a note about follow-up activities tailored to your child’s interests.

Small group sessions will last one hour and are for between two and four children. These are run on a workshop basis, with a theme to suit the group. We can cover just about any subject within reason! The outcomes will include working together as a team and communicating well so that everyone is involved in the creativity.

” Thank you for providing a lovely, creative environment for my daughter and her friends”

The Inkpots programme ensures that children and young people:

*grow in self belief;

*are able to express themselves in a safe, secure environment;

*have fun while being creative

*explore a wide range of forms of self expression

*go on a journey to discover new worlds through being introduced to new authors and books.

It’s really important to point out that Gill is a not a tutor and the sessions should not be treated as part of support for exams such as SATs and 11 plus.

However, the fact that any child creating material within the Inkpots programme will become more self confident through the development of their self expression will naturally lead to feeling good about themselves. And we know that a positive mindset contributes towards being able to cope with exam times.

Costs and booking details

One-to-one sessions: £50

Small group sessions: £70

Please email Gill to have a chat about any aspect of these new services you’re unsure about – we’re very keen to learn as the offerings develop so would really appreciate the chance to iron out the wrinkles.

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