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October half term

Our popular half term workshops are always good opportunities to flex some creative muscles, get inspired, and help prepare for the next half term at school.

This year, our sessions will be online via Zoom. Reflecting our core values, these workshops will be warm, inviting and inclusive. Both sessions have been designed for creative young people age 10 – 14 years and include support from Gill after the workshops too – as a publications editor she is always delighted to give feedback on any stories or ideas which emerge from Inkpots sessions.

Monday 26 September – 10am – 11am: Going back in time creative writing workshop

Step back into history and create characters from another time and place. This workshop will take young writers through the stages of putting together an authentic story which will delight their readers and inspire them to research periods of history which fascinate and inspire.

We’ll also have a look at how to tackle time travel in stories too. What happens when a character slips back or goes forward in time? How do we manage that in our stories.

After our creative writing workshops, young people always have many, many story ideas and thoughts. So ensure that they are supported as much as possible, we send notes from the workshops through to families on the same day.

This workshop costs £15 per young person. Please see booking details below.

Thursday 29 October 10am – 10.45am – Inkwell session NEW for 2020

As this year is turning into one like no other, we have introduced some new sessions for young people to support them use their creative writing to express how they feel about events.

The Inkwell Sessions will be running throughout the next few months giving us a chance to reflect on what is happening and how we can use our creativity to help prepare for the coming winter months. Using a RECALL, RECORD and REFLECT technique, Gill will sensitively guide young people with prompts and suggestions. These sessions are great for helping put events into perspective and give young people a chance to have their say and express their opnions.

We’ll finish off with a fun, creative exercise which can be continued after the session has finished.

There is also an accompanying leaflet for this session which will be sent out before the workshop.

This session costs £11.50 per young person.


Once booking is made, a zoom link and further details will be sent prior to the workshop. Please note that if both workshops are booked together, we are able to offer a discounted price.

Payment can be made directly to our bank account – please email telling us which workshops you would like to book, and we’ll send you all the details.

Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal:

Time travel £15:

Your child’s name

Inkwell session £11.50:

Child’s name

Both workshops £25 (inc discount)

Your child’s name

In you have any questions about these sessions (or Inkpots in general, please do contact Gill at or 07771 231563