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Meeting Maz

I met one of my literary heroes last week.

Maz Evans and I started chatting on Twitter when she began talking about her forthcoming book Who Let The Gods Out? It’s based on the premise that the Greek Gods are still around and come to the aid of a young lad called Elliot.

Many of the Inkpots children are fascinated by Greek mythology so it seemed a really good fit. Maz’s publishers, Chicken House Books, kindly sent a review copy and many a wonderful Twitter chat with Maz ensued.

Who Let The Gods Out? is a laugh-out-loud book, with a serious strand running through as Elliot is the sole carer for his mum. (Read our review HERE.) The book also did the rounds at Inkpots and so many children absolutely loved it. What was particularly wonderful was the wide range of children it appealed to.

When we heard that Maz was running a session at the Brighton Festival, just down the road, several of us grabbed tickets. For one of our Inkpots, it was a surprise trip so it was great to be in on the secret!

Maz’s mythical mayhem show was an absolute joy! It was wonderful fun, brilliant gags and no mercy for the adults! Maz also shared the inspiring story behind her books – it’s one that I am sharing at Inkpots this week, as it shows how you need to believe in your writing and never give up.

We were lucky enough to meet up with Maz afterwards too. Her enthusiasm and sheer exuberance was a joy to behold – and for our Inkpots, it  rounded off a brilliant morning.

We have also asked Maz to be one of our Inkpots Heroes in acknowledgement of her support and interest in what we do.

She really is a hero for us all now! We’re really looking forward to book 2 – Simply the Quest – which is due out in August.

Here are some photos from the morning, which were kindly sent to us by Inkpots mum, Emma




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