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Max and the Millions by Ross Montgomery: it’s all in the details

Max loves paying attention to details, however small, perfect for model making. So, when his only friend – caretaker and fellow modeller at his boarding school St Goliath’s, Mr Darrow –mysteriously disappears, he knows what he must do. Unbeknown to his peers, Mr Darrow has created a whole new civilisation, shrunk down to microscopic size! Its people are in danger, and only Max can help!

Ross Montgomery turns the everyday to the extraordinary in this fast paced, funny adventure story. Flitting between Max and Sasha at St Goliath’s and Mr Darrow’s kingdom of The Floor, he seamlessly integrates the two very different worlds as they collide. When Sasha accidentally squashes a fly and sparks war across the kingdom, the two unlikely friends turn peacemakers, helped by Luke, the king of the blues. Teamwork, the author suggests, is the key to getting the job done.

But Max, Sasha and the Kingdom are fighting a (literally) bigger evil too – St Goliath’s power hungry head teacher Mr Pitt! Desperate to impress the school governors with his state of the art (but actually falling apart) school building, he’s a suitably slimy bad guy to keep the tension rising right until the end.

Sprinkled with humour and deftly handled disability rep with hard of hearing Max, this book will keep you gripped and eager to discover the fate of Mr Darrow’s tiny creations. Will the kingdom live in harmony in the potting shed? Will Max be expelled for his crimes? Will Mr Darrow ever return to St Goliath’s, and is Sasha all that he appears?

Max and the Millions champions the small and mighty and left me rooting for the (tiny) underdogs, great for fans of action and mystery. Check out the book here or sign up to our Summer Reading Goals for a whole summer of reading recommendations!


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