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Just call me Spaghetti Hoop Boy by Lara Williamson

Just call me Spaghetti Hoop Boy will take you on a roller coaster of emotions – there are some really sad bits, but there are also places which are very funny indeed.

The story is about Adam who is adopted but has a very loving Mum and Dad, and two sisters Minnie and Velvet and Velvet’s imaginary dog, Sausage Roll.

Adam misunderstands an overheard conversation between Mum and Dad, which sends him on a journey to find his real mum. As the reader follows Adam there are lots of ups and downs and Adam’s feelings about being adopted come right out.

There is also another story about his best friend, Tiny Eric – who  is a really lovely character.

One of the really funny parts of the book though come from some of the names Lara gives to various things – the ones that made me laugh were the slimming class Adam’s mum goes to called ‘Belly Busters’, Adam’s dad’s locksmith business named ‘Surelock Holmes’ and the fish and chip shop, ‘Good Buy, Mr Chips’.

Even though parts of the ending were sad, it was nice to know that Adam found a new friend in The Beast.

I would really recommend this book for children age 8 – 11 – and adults too!



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