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Introducing Inkpots Inc

Last week, I wrote a blog about the struggles I had faced about trying to get the new Inkpots online club off the ground. It has taken some doing and if you missed the post, you can catch up here.

Now I’m ready to share with you the way that the package for Inkpots Inc is beginning to shape up; this is not set in stone and may well change nearer the launch date.

The basic starting point for planning the package revolved around my driving need to ensure that I was aiming for a product that children wanted – not what parents asked for, or teachers advocated, or even what I fancied doing!

During an average week in term time, I am lucky enough to hang out with up to 70 children and young people and so I get to hear lots of opinions. One of the things I have noticed is how well magazines and comics go down; they also love getting things through the post.

This was my starting point.

I then started to think about how we could use the existing website and the current things which are popular. Every child who comes to Inkpots has their own page and this facility is so popular that it seemed to be a no-brainer to offer this to the children in the online club too.

I’m also keenly aware that many of the Inkpots parents have busy lives and many responsibilities. It’s really important to me that Inkpots doesn’t add to existing demands on their time. So I won’t be expecting you to print off reams of activity sheets and sit with your child night after night working on stories to deadlines.

That just isn’t the Inkpots way and goes against just about everything I believe in.

Instead, there will be access to the Inkpod – an online ‘vault’ of activities and suggestions which parents can access any time that fits in with family life. This will be supported by an exclusive monthly video for children too.

So, let me just pull all of this together. At the moment, this is the package I am planning to deliver for members of Inkpots Inc. As with the face-to-face clubs, the online club will be aimed at children age 8 – 11 years:

  • On registration, a child will receive a membership card and pack, with login details for the club sent to parents;
  • A page for the child will be set up on the Inkpots website (with details about login and site security);
  • At the start of the month, the child will receive a copy of the monthly newsletter packed with ideas, activities, celebrations, competitions and tips;
  • Two weeks later, I will post a video with a monthly set of tips and a writing challenge and lots of fun things too;
  • Parents and children will have access to the vault of materials which will be added to constantly.

Above all, Inkpots Inc will be fun!

I am working with a really strong team including a graphic designer, marketing expert and business advisor to deliver this so that I can launch Inkpots Inc on 1 May.

However, I still can’t do this without the help of children and parents – Inkpots Inc won’t be any good at all if I don’t provide materials that children really like. So, please get involved and let me know what you and your children think. You can email me at

I will be sending out regular monthly newsletters too with updates; I can’t wait for the club to start to take shape now! Please sign up here to be kept informed about just what is happening.



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