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Inspiring places

We launched our new online creative writing club – Inkpots Inc – last week, and one of the most brilliant aspects is getting to know the new children. A few days after joining, one child went to an island off the coast of Ireland for the weekend. The photos were just stunning and it looked a wonderful place to be creative and write some stories.

This led me to think about how places inspire us –  if social media is anything to go by, us adults are pretty good at identifying such spots.

I threw the question out on Twitter and was rewarded by some fabulous replies.

Nikki Sheehan (author of Swan Boy) said: “I work really well in cafes. I like the buzz. But for inspiration I like museums especially the Booth Museum in Hove. It’s amazing!”

Perdita Cargill (co-author with daughter Honor of Waiting for Callback) tweeted: “Inspiration? The sea!”

@Viv Writes (Vivian Conroy) said: “love taking a walk, feeling rain on my face, or the sound of birds singing, really gets me creative!”

Author Dan Worsley and I had a brilliant chat about how inspiring the sea can be – and more importantly what goes on under the sea. I was telling Dan how one of our groups has been working on an underwater story for weeks. Dan also tweeted: “Inspiration is everywhere. I’m lucky to live near the beach & it’s featured as a setting in a few of my stories.”

What about kids too? I asked the older children at our Writers’ Hut last week what inspires them. These were some of their ideas:

  • A river bank with a lovely weeping willow
  • A holiday cottage in Dorset
  • A pond in a local wildlife reserve
  • A cosy café
  • The sea at Brighton or Eastbourne


Inkpots is based in mid Sussex in the UK, and we are really close to Brighton where the renowned Brighton Festival is in full swing. The guest Director this year is poet Kate Tempest. I heard her being interviewed a few days ago and she talked about how experiencing an arts event of any kind would help retune the senses.

I thought that was a wonderful phrase and I think that’s what our inspiring places can help do as well. Where do you go to be inspired? Ask a child too. Let us know! Please email with your stories.


This photograph was taken just down the coast from Brighton, UK

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