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Our top ten writing tips

We have gathered together a few tips to help our young creatives to start and then carry on with their story telling. We have also recently had a downloadable version produced so that we can share the information around more.

Here then are a few ideas – with a version to download at the bottom. Keep the creativity flowing!

  • Read! Read! And then read some more! You don’t start writing good fiction and poetry without reading good examples first.
  • Try to write every day. Just five minutes a day will do – if you can manage 15 minutes or more, then fantastic! Your ‘writing muscle’ is there to be exercised.
  • Share your stuff with others. Inkpots is a great place to do this, as we are all writers and understand if you are a bit worried about what you have done. But, also try out things with your friends and family. It’s important to find out what people think of your work.
  • Try writing for the school newspaper or website, or local community newspaper. This is really good practise for learning to keep to deadlines for your copy.
  • Write about what you know. You may be passionate about a sport or hobby and that interest will come through in your writing.
  • Keep a notebook or make notes on your phone. You can use it to make notes on characters you like from books, quotes, descriptions of scenery when you are out and about and you can add pictures and photographs you like as well.
  • Spelling and grammar are important but don’t get too worried about making mistakes. You can always ask for help from someone you know who is good at English or when you’re at Inkpots.
  • The same goes for editing your work. It’s always great to get words down on paper and you can then go back and tidy up. Editing is a particular skill – but Gill is well qualified to help you with this. Just ask!
  • Be an observer of life. Watch how people move. Listen to conversations. Think about the emotions you feel when you are going through something tough. Writers are very skilled people watchers!
  • Don’t give up! Good writing comes from practice and with time you will get better and better!

You can download our top tips here

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