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Inkpots Heroes

On the day that we launch Inkpots Inc, our new online club, it is so exciting to introduce Inkpots Heroes too.

The children who come to Inkpots love all forms of creativity and many of them want to develop their own projects such as writing books, developing illustrations or making comics. It is essential that we encourage them in every way that we can and if they get support from someone they look up to and admire, it means so much.

Inkpots Heroes are creative professionals who give such support. They give feedback on the children’s work, show a massive interest in what we do and like our approach.

Asking someone to be a Hero is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for all their support.

Inkpots Heroes are given a logo for their own website, and an invitation to tea and cake if they are ever in our area, and are very welcome to offer their suggestions and feedback on our workshops and members program.

We are so proud that Nick Sharratt, Sophy Henn, Neill Cameron (and the Comics Club blog) and Book Monster Ally have all agreed to be our inaugural heroes.

Read more about our Heroes HERE

More Inkpots Heroes will be included in the coming months.


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