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Half term writing prompt

Here at Inkpots, our half term break in next week, but as many other areas have holidays this week I am sharing this writing prompt today.

I am encouraging all our Inkpots writers to do a bit of story telling over the break and we are using an idea about going through a door into a whole new world. Our children have already come up with loads of suggestion including going back in time to Ancient Greece or the time of Suffragettes, entering into a XBox game or arriving in the middle of a busy city like New York.

You can download a PDF here which gives all the detail.

It’s always so fabulous to see children’s stories, so please feel free to email me at

If this kind of activity is something that really appeals to your child and you, you may be interested in Inkpots Inc, our online club which is launching on 1 May. There’s more information here.

Happy holidays!




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