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Go crazy with colour this half term

I have been putting together some activities for the Inkpots’ half term workshop which is all about ‘Under the Sea’ and have been looking at some lovely pictures of mermaids and coral reefs. Although spring is tantalisingly close, there are still many dull days and when I was doing the research I was struck at how looking at the colourful pictures, lifted my mood.

So, during half term, if you are looking for things to do, why not inject some colour into things?

  • There is still time to enter the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition. The judges are looking for bold and imaginative stories – so colourful tales would be great! Here is the link:
  • The Aerogramme Writer’s Studio has a great website of news and reviews. A recent post was about describing colours – some lovely ideas here. the site is for adults but I’ll certainly be introducing some of the phrases to our Inkpots writers :
  • Pinterest is a really valuable resource for creative ideas. Just put ‘colours’ in and see what fabulous images come up. Inkpots has its own page too and a board called ‘Inspirations’ which just might trigger off some ideas for stories.
  • Have a colour day. Choose a favourite colour and let it be the theme. You could all dress in the colour, find food of that colour, look for things around the house and garden in that shade, find colourful book characters – and write or draw a colour story. You get the idea!
  • If you are doing any baking at half term, could you add some extra colour? I have recently been shown how to decorate cupcakes properly and can’t wait to see what colourful effects I can achieve!


Whatever you are doing this half term, we do hope that you have a happy and fun time. Please share your activities on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages; your child does not have to be an existing member of Inkpots to join in. We would love to hear from you.


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