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Gangsta Granny #4

Welcome back! This week it’s been great to hear from some of you and hear all about what you’ve been doing. I’ve also received a book review from Ellen – why don’t you do one too and send it to me at

So – here are some more activities for this week. Don’t forget to let me know what you are doing!

  • Have YOU met the Queen – or another member of the Royal Family. Or someone else who’s famous – have you met David Walliams?
  • How about creating a coat of arms for Ben and his Granny – perhaps you could do something to do with cabbages and plumbing things?
  • Do you like writing poetry? Then why not write an acrostic poem using the letters of GANGSTA GRANNY – that’s a real challenge! Let me know what you think.

Have another great week – and look forward to some more activities next week.

Gill x


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