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Gangsta Granny activities #1

Welcome to week one of our activities based on Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

Each Friday until the schools return in September, we will be posting some activities to do which are connected with Gangsta Granny, or things that the book has inspired for us.

Have you read (or re-read) the book? This is a big confession – but I have only just read it. And I loved it!

So let’s get going on this week’s activities:

  1. You will need to know my email address for sending things to me – it is
  2. First of all, who are you? Tell me all about yourself – if you don’t already come to Inkpots, it would be great to know what things you enjoy – are you a writer or an artist, or both?
  3. You can also have your own page on the website – have a look at the Gallery because this is where your page would be. If you like the idea, I will set a page up for you and then we can add any stories or pictures you do. Just let me know.
  4. Something you might like to think about over a few weeks, is to write a book review about Gangsta Granny that we can put on the website.
  5. When I was at primary school, I used to go to dance classes where I learned ‘Strictly’ kind of dances – just like Ben’s parents want him to! I always wanted a really sparkly dress with lots of netting – but I never got one. So I think I might design myself one now – why don’t you draw a dress you might like, or one for me (go crazy!) – or how about the kind of outfit that Ben’s mum designed for him? Send me your designs.
  6. Ben talks a lot about cabbages. What’s the vegetable that you REALLY don’t like – and which is your favourite. I would love to hear all about it – send me pictures too!

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. There will be some more next Friday – so don’t forget to check! Have a lovely week.

Gill x

PS: the stage show Gangsta Granny Live is touring the country –



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