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Gangsta Granny #3

Week 3 of Gangsta Granny activities – which means we’re half way through the holidays in England. What have you been doing – what’s been your best bit so far? Write in, and we’ll feature your news on the website.

So this week, we have two BIG activities for you:

Number one – we would love to hear about your Granny? Tell us all about her or draw a picture. Or maybe you could describe how you would like a Granny to be – or create a story where you go off on an adventure with your Granny.

Number two – have we got any book reviewers out there? Do a review of Gangsta Granny – or any David Walliams book. I know that so many of you are David Walliams fans – so tell me all about your favourite book and then we could tell David too!

Hope that you all have a really lovely week – and see you next Friday with more activities! Don’t forget – my email is

Gill x


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