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Fun and creativity at our holiday workshops

During the school holidays, Inkpots changes pace from our daily after school clubs which run for an hour to longer holiday workshops. This gives us the chance to work with a wider range of children and spend more time on creative projects, really pushing the boundaries of our imaginations.

We especially enjoy spending time on crafts which we couldn’t even start at an after-school club and being able to support those children who really want to get stuck into a story.

The after-school clubs involve a lot of planning but, for us, that’s part  of the fun! We always have a theme and at the last half term we took the books and writing of two huge literary greats – Roald Dahl and J K Rowling.

Reading is one of the corner stones of what we do at Inkpots. It’s incredibly important for children to explore books to find the right ones for them – so they can discover characters they can identify with. Letting them read the books they love will open whole new worlds so it’s only right to celebrate the wonderful authors around us.

The stories of Roald Dahl and the Harry Potter books lend themselves to all kinds of spin offs and we had so much fun during both the workshops – wand making, snitch designs, George’s marvellous medicine recipes, Matilda’s diary entries and so much more.

These two photos sum up the joy at both workshops – we particularly loved that Lara had met the great Chris Riddell the day before the Roald Dahl workshop and this inspired her to do some wonderful drawings. The Harry Potter workshop always sees some fabulous wizard costumes – and we loved how Isobel and Charlotte struck the right pose!

Our plans for the summer holidays are already underway and we want to have a festival of creativity this year, providing more workshops that ever, and in different areas around mid-Sussex. If you would like to get the information as soon as it’s available, please sign up here to get our newsletter.

Here’s to a summer of fun!




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