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Frozen in time

‘Frozen in time’ – a book review by Lilly

‘Frozen in Time’ by Ali Sparkes

This book is about two children called Rachael and Ben who think they have a boring summer holidays ahead of them…until they discover a hidden vault buried in their overgrown garden.

Inside there are two 1950s children, held in chryonic suspension, who are desperate to find their dad – a 1930s inventor.

This book follows them as they try to stay alive after being frozen in time for so long, as they try to find their dad, as well as adapting to a 2009 life – including school!

I really enjoyed this book because it is so unique and makes you realise how different 1950 is to the 21st century. I liked how the author used figurative language and rhetorical questions to engage the reader.

I would rate this book 10/10.

Lily (age 10)

Frozen in time

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